DIY e-Liquid Recipe: The Red Dragon

Best described as tasting like a red fruit roll-up. A blend of dragonfruit and strawberries. Before you get all huffy about the high flavoring percentage, its the only way I was able to punch that Dragonfruit out once everything else is added. Feel free to lower the overall percentage. Dragonfruit by TPA is the main … Continued

DIY e-Juice Recipe: Rice Pudding

The perfect vape for a cold winter evening. A rich rice pudding with vanilla and cinnamon just like grandma used to make. CAP CINNAMON DANISH SWIRL – 1.50% TFA COCONUT CANDY – 1.00% FS HOLY VANILLA – 0.50% TFA RICE CRUNCHIES – 1.00% RFSC RICE PUDDING – 3.50% TFA SWEET CREAM – 1.00% TFA SWEETENER … Continued

DIY e-Liquid Recipes: Froop Shake

Imagine your favorite cereal. Now imagine your favorite ice cream. Imagine them both blended to create a signature fruit loops milkshake. Has your mind exploded yet? A nice fruit loops cereal base blended into a perfect vanilla and cream milkshake. TFA BERRY CEREAL – 3.00% FW FRUIT RINGS – 3.00% TFA MARSHMALLOW – 1.00% TFA … Continued

DIY e-Juice Recipes – CANTA COOL

Canta Cool is a refreshing cantaloupe, green tea with a touch of Vanilla & frosting all wrapped up in an icy exhale. TFA CANTALOUPEĀ – 5.00% FA GREEN TEA – 1.50% TFA VBIC – 5.50% TFA FROSTED DONUT – 1.50% TBV WS-23 – 1.25% Don’t have the ingredients? Try our ONE SHOT: a recipe in a … Continued